Over 20 years of experience with Air traffic control and flight safety

Gives me strong competencies and know how in treating fear of flying.

Effective treatment of Exam anxiety

In coorporation with business College Niels Brock, Copenhagen I gave helhed many students with their exam anxiety.

I have great experience with exam anxiety

Do you deal with exam anxiety? Then you are not alone. Many people do not like to stand in front of other people and be judged. Fortunately, help is available right here with psychotherapist Tine Rodriguez. I have many years of experience in offering help with exam anxiety. I am available to clients in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen and the whole of North Zealand.

I am a trained psychotherapist, where I have built up a great deal of experience with, among other things, student anxiety. I am therefore able to work as a coach in people who experience symptoms of exam anxiety. With me, the client's individual needs and wishes are always placed at the center of the treatment.

I offer effective treatment for exam anxiety

If you have had a bad experience in which you have been exposed to other people, it can get stuck in the system and be activated every time you are in a similar situation.

This may be the cause of exam anxiety, for example. 

Most describe it as being "beside themselves", that the flap goes down, that they can't remember anything and that they are fainting.

One loses control of oneself, just as with, for example, flight fears, because the anxiety takes over. Therefore, it is about reversing the evil spiral, which is done by having some good experiences that can replace the bad ones and thus build self-confidence.

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As a psychologist, I can offer professional coaching to people who experience discomfort when they graduate. I have many years of experience in the field and can therefore organize an individual treatment.

Should we make an appointment, please contact me immediately on phone +45 61 59 09 92 or by email tinehoeckrodriguez@gmail.com, and I will return as soon as possible and hear about your wishes.

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Are you afraid of flying? Maybe I Can help you.

Do you feel as if limits your free life, and do you wish to feel better and less anxious? Then follow my program for fear of flying treatment.

Certified Psychothetapist Tine Hoeck Rodriguez

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Prior to any therapeutic progress it is very important that cemistry is good and that expectstions are aligned. It is a neccesary condition that clients always feels safe and comfortable. So that has my highest priority.

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