Over 20 years of experience with Air traffic control and flight safety

Gives me strong competencies and know how in treating fear of flying.

Effective treatment of Exam anxiety

In coorporation with business College Niels Brock, Copenhagen I gave helhed many students with their exam anxiety.


I offer 1:1 therapy, in my practice at Frederiksberg, Denmark. In Danish and in English

Exam Anxiety

Do you sometimes experience exam anxiety and / or performance anxiety? Then you are not alone!

A lot of people don't like having to stand up in front of others and make a presentation, and even worse if they have to be evaluated and judged at the same time.

If you want help with better handling of these situations and maybe perform better, read more …

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is the worst enemy of free life, and can be enormously disabling and debilitating for the anxious, as well as really tough for relatives who would like to help and support, but have no idea how.

Anxiety can affect us to a greater or lesser extent, and for shorter or longer periods.

Some say that there is no greater pain than mental pain.

Maybe it is because it can be difficult to understand, or maybe it is because there is no finished treatment or cure to follow and know that you will get better.

All treatment is individual and varies from person to person, depending on the face and strength of the anxiety.

But the way out of anxiety is to understand it, and with that understanding, to look it in the eyes, and learn to deal with it.

Fear of flying?

The good thing is that we can do something about it! Try On location therapy - bring your private therapist to the airport! Flight scare is a slightly complicated size as it consists of several different types of anxiety. It can be about claustrophobia, fear of altitude, loss of control or a definite death anxiety.

In the conversation therapy, we will together find out what is at stake for you, and whether there are any old patterns or experiences that may be exacerbating the airborne fear (anxiety).​

Only when we know, acknowledge and accept how we respond and why, we will be able to make the necessary changes that will allow us to go out of life without being guided by old blockages or trauma.

Why "live with it"?

In order to relieve and all mental pain, including anxiety, one has to enter into a relationship with another human being. It is through good and trusting contact that healing of a lifelong nature can be created.

Through contact with a trained psychotherapist who with his knowledge and understanding of humanity can meet you and understand you, healing and improvement can take place.

No matter what kind of anxiety we experience, it will, to some extent, limit our way of life and thus joy of life.

Living with daily anxiety, no matter what form it has, is really hard and over a long period of time it can lead to fatigue, depression and maybe depression.​

Here you can get an overview of prices for the different therapy packages.

Individual therapy

1: 1 therapy of 55 min duration. The last 5 min is spent on payment and possibly a new appointment

DKK 1000,-

Therapy 1 1/2

Time goes strong during a therapeutic conversation, and an hour and a half is often a good investment as it allows for a little more depth.

DKK 1400,-

Therapeutic course - 5 times of 1 hour duration

Might be a good idea when dealing with airplane fears or exam anxiety.

DKK 4000,-

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Bring your own therapist. I will help, support and guide you all the way out of your anxiety.

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Are you afraid of flying? Maybe I Can help you.

Do you feel as if limits your free life, and do you wish to feel better and less anxious? Then follow my program for fear of flying treatment.

Certified Psychothetapist Tine Hoeck Rodriguez

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Prior to any therapeutic progress it is very important that cemistry is good and that expectstions are aligned. It is a neccesary condition that clients always feels safe and comfortable. So that has my highest priority.

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