Over 20 years of experience with Air traffic control and flight safety

Gives me strong competencies and know how in treating fear of flying.

Effective treatment of Exam anxiety

In coorporation with business College Niels Brock, Copenhagen I gave helhed many students with their exam anxiety.

About me

My background and my primary therapeutic areas: Fear of flying and exam/performance anxiety.

I am apron air traffic controller, and have worked in Kastrup control tower for over 20 years, and Psychotherapist, 4 year training and examined and certified in this.

With my combination of air traffic controller skills and thus insight into the flying world, as well as an education as a psychotherapist, I have experience in the treatment of airplane fears. In addition, 

I have worked part at the High School Niels Brock with students who has exam anxiety.

My values and method

I have chosen the gestalt therapeutic direction as it is the one that makes sense to me and which I know works. Here you see man as a whole where body and mind are connected (holistic view). I always work with the whole person, both mind and body.

I work from the existentialist mindset where everyone is responsible for their own life and that our lives always consist of choices.

In reality, we choose everything ourselves, and not choosing is also a choice (Kierkegaard), but know that even in difficult situations, we always have a choice!

Together we can make a difference

I work phenomenologically. That means I always meet the client where the client is right now, and based on what is important here and now.

Often, past experiences, feelings, and maybe even trauma will show up, hidden behind contemporary experiences and emotions.

It can be difficult, and perhaps even impossible, to arrive at exactly what experiences are most important to us. This is what I as a therapist can help to find. 

Only when you know and know exactly what tricks or hurts one - can you make the necessary life changes that can bring back the joy, the courage and the desire for life. It's never too late!

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Are you afraid of flying? Maybe I Can help you.

Do you feel as if limits your free life, and do you wish to feel better and less anxious? Then follow my program for fear of flying treatment.

Certified Psychothetapist Tine Hoeck Rodriguez

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Prior to any therapeutic progress it is very important that cemistry is good and that expectstions are aligned. It is a neccesary condition that clients always feels safe and comfortable. So that has my highest priority.

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